ImageIt doesn’t matter how it starts, if it is with a whisper or a scream because for every silence to begin there has to first be a sound. A word or a goodbye, sometimes regret and other times the truth and then nothing else. No need for words when the eyes cry, when the hand reaches out to touch what is not there anymore and all the mouth can do is simulate words of love or longing. The world holds its breath and waits for a second to pass, for time to reset and life to continue. Silence has many sounds in its own soundless world where you can find untold truths and convincing lies, dreams that never come true and happy moments that have just been realized. There is more sound in a second of blissful silence than in any other sound that can be said.


Our Song

I want to make music from your kiss,

Let it become lyrics in the air,

Hear the melody sung in the sky,

The heart beating close to tear,

And love becomes more then just a sigh,


I want to make music out of you,

To sing as loud as it is possible for me,

And uncover all that can come true,

Find out everything we are ment to be,

And know that in the end there is no end,

There is only the beginning of another history,


I want to make music out of us,

Because there is time not to be wasted,

Since time passes and there is no saving it,

Let time be more then limitation,

Make it so that is creation,

Of the song from you and me,

When we can finally begin.

Nothing else seems to matter, the rain or the longing, life and its ending. Among so much emptiness, it is possible to find everything that is needed, the voice that was silent and missing, the kiss that was given and lost, the will that was over, but that now seems to return. A smile is born without knowing its own meaning, greeting the new sun. It does not matter anymore where we were needed to be. What is needed to be known is that perfect moments are not made, they happen and then go away, so let the immovable time carry to memory what sometimes left you breathless. For it to be true happiness, memorable days are not enough, you need to imagine how happy you would be to do whatever is needed for it to occur. Each moment of the day becomes a song, breathing is a reason to smile, because by your side you find good motive. And forever is made this morning and the next, when time loses itself and life is counted by opening your eyes to a welcomed smile, made just for that moment. There are no delays, only not wanting to let go, what you need to let go and even afraid of this, being certain that it returns and will continue to do so. The world turns, the sky opens, the stars lose themselves in the clarity of a distant white light and then it is possible to know with certainty that every day you are dancing in the moonlight.

There is no where else to look, I don’t need to anymore. It is the dream I had, the longing I waited and the stories I read. It is on the breath close to my mind, holding on to my heart as if it couldn’t let go, even if it wanted to. There is no space or time, no games are needed and no rules are followed. It is what ever it is wanted to be, what is needed. It is contained in a tear of joy, a sudden smile or a suttle kiss. It is the hope that wasn’t there before, that wasn’t thought of or even expected. It is to say forever again and be sure that forever will never come, but the word seems to fit the emotion. It is all that is needed out of life.

Shine Upon Me

I understand now why I sleep. Your words relax me, make me feel like everything is going to be alright. The constant thought that run through my mind, just seem to dissolve into a million pieces with your smile, as if a lighthouse for my peace of mind. The keeper of my soul, of my heart and the owner of my time. Nothing leads me away from you, only closer to what is the ultimate truth, that you and I are a part of each other and now that we are together, nothing can make us come apart. So, shine your light upon me and never let it stop.

Washed Away

Wished it had been me leaving those foot prints on the beach. Looking at the ocean with arms rapped around your waist, stearing into open space. Though time erased those steps I did not take, I wished I made them anyway. Now I want to claim that smile, to save that laughter only for me, to take controle, to be in possession, to say that it has always been me, even at the time when I wished it was me…

There it is, a second chance, as beautiful as the first and even better because now, you can see what you’ll lose. Nothing else is needed but to take it for yourself. The first step is to want it so much that it hurts notto think about it. After that, you reach out your hand, point your fingers and jump. Don’t just through yourself, jump as if you are trying to reach the furtherst sky. There is nothing more, nothing left, there is only that second chance, last chance, final chance and you have it, there in your hands. now be careful, and don’t ever let it go.